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2014 | 36 | 06 |

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Raduced late-season leaf potassium and phosphorus levels influence decreases in sugar contents of bagged apple fruit

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Fruit bagging has been widely used in the fruit production industry; however, in apples, it is known to cause a significant decrease in fruit sugar contents. To address this issue and identify the changes in leaf mineral contents associated with fruit sugar levels in bagged apples, aqueous solutions of 10 g L⁻¹ CaCl₂,5gL⁻¹ KH₂PO₄, or 2gL⁻¹ Na₂B₄O₇‧10H₂O were foliar sprayed during four fruit developmental stages. The late-season leaf phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) contents after the rapid fruit growth period and the soluble sugar contents in ripening fruit were significantly lower in bagged fruit than in nonbagged fruit (11.1–15.09 %). The decreases in leaf P and K contents caused by bagging were almost completely compensated for by foliage applications of CaCl₂, KH₂PO₄, or Na₂B₄O₇ during the fruit set period. Therefore, the fruit soluble sugar contents were significantly higher in bagged ripening fruit with foliar spray than in bagged fruit without foliar sprays, reaching the levels of non-bagged apples. The decrease in the sugar contents of bagged apples was closely associated with the decrease in late-season leaf P and K levels caused by fruit bagging.

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  • Institute of Horticultural Plants, China Agricultural University, 100193 Beijing, China
  • Institute of Horticultural Plants, China Agricultural University, 100193 Beijing, China
  • Institute of Horticultural Plants, China Agricultural University, 100193 Beijing, China
  • Institute of Horticultural Plants, China Agricultural University, 100193 Beijing, China
  • Changping Forestry and Landscaping Bureau, 102200 Beijing, China
  • Institute of Horticultural Plants, China Agricultural University, 100193 Beijing, China


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