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2007 | 29 | 1 |

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Cadmium-induced growth inhibition and alteration of biochemical parameters in almond seedlings grown in solution culture

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The effects of different CdCl₂ concentrations on the growth and on certain biochemical parameters of almond seedlings (Prunus dulcis) were studied under controlled conditions in the nutrient solutions containing increasing CdCl₂ concentrations ranging from 0 to 150 µM CdCl₂. Under Cd stress conditions, damage was variable. Cadmium reduced dry matter production in leaves and roots. While chlorophyll content was severely decreased, that of leaf sugars appeared to be increased. Furthermore, leaf nutritional status seemed to be more altered than that of roots. Both in roots and leaves, there was an increase in MDA content as metal concentration increased. It may be suggested from the present study that toxic concentrations of Cd cause oxidative damage as shown by the increase of lipid peroxidation.

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  • Plant Ecology Laboratory, Department of Biology, Science Faculty of Sfax, 3018 la Soukhra, Sfax, Tunisia
  • Plant Ecology Laboratory, Department of Biology, Science Faculty of Sfax, 3018 la Soukhra, Sfax, Tunisia
  • Olive Institute of Sfax, Sfax, Tunisia
  • Olive Institute of Sfax, Sfax, Tunisia
  • Plant Ecology Laboratory, Department of Biology, Science Faculty of Sfax, 3018 la Soukhra, Sfax, Tunisia
  • Plant Ecology Laboratory, Department of Biology, Science Faculty of Sfax, 3018 la Soukhra, Sfax, Tunisia


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