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2011 | 29 | 2 |

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The polymorphism of bovine FIT gene and its associations with cattle (Bos taurus) growth traits

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Fat-inducing transcript (FIT) are endoplasmic reticulum-resident membrane proteins that induce lipid droplet accumulation. It plays a crucial role in the fundamental process of storing fat. In this study, applying the PCR-SSCP and DNA sequencing methods, polymorphism of the FIT gene were detected. A total of 708 individuals from four Chinese cattle breeds were examined. The results showed that only P5 locus had two SNPs, resulting in a synonymous mutation (NM_001103095: m.199G > T resulting In L124L) and a missense mutation (NM_001103095: m.434G > T resulting in V176L). The associations between polymorphic loci and selected growth traits of indigenous Nangyang cattle were analysed,and significant associations were found in body weight at the age of 12 months and mean daily live weight gain. The body weight at month 12 of life and mean daily live weight gain of individuals with genotype AA were by 3.75% and 4.88% higher than of those with genotype AB, respectively. Hence, it was suggested for the first time, that genotype AA could be regarded as molecular marker for superior body weight and daily live weight gain in Chinese Nanyang cattle.

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  • Institute of Cellular and Molecular Biology, Xuzhou Normal University, Xuzhou, Jiangsu 221116, China


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